Friday, August 15, 2014

Fall 2014 Edition of IN TOUCH with KAREN ROSE SMITH

Hi, all!  It's good to be back with news for fall.  When you read my AROUND THE HOUSE section, you'll realize I've been busy with something other than writing.  But I have been writing, too.

Isn't this just a great cover?  Hero, heroine and baby.  A MATCH MADE BY BABY, THE MOMMY CLUB, Book 2, will be released September 1, 2014.  My hero, an environmental geologist, finds there could be merit in planting roots instead of roaming the globe.  He finds himself unexpectedly tied down when his sister leaves her baby with him for an undetermined amount of time!  Mommy Club volunteer and pediatrician Kaitlyn Foster comes to the rescue.  But she and Adam had a brief romantic history a year ago.  What will happen when they come together again?

Just a reminder that my third mystery in the Caprice De Luca home staging mystery series will be released in February by Kensington Books.  GILT BY ASSOCIATION has a Valentine's Day theme.  Caprice De Luca's latest house staging is all about hearts, flowers, lace and chintz since Valentine's Day is around the corner.  She never expects her client to be murdered in the greenhouse the day of the open house. With her pup Lady by her side and her own love life in disarray, Caprice ferrets out clues from the victim's best friend, Caprice's mother, the housekeeper and a special male friend who insists his relationship with the victim was platonic.  However, as Caprice digs deeper, she finds the victim's past is felled with secrets that she kept from her husband for thirty years.The past isn't merely history.  The present isn't always what it seems.  When hearts are involved, passion even even murder aren't far behind.

 Isn't this the most adorable cover?  It's just perfect for this book.

Right now I'm plotting mystery # 5 for Caprice.  Soon I'll be writing book 4.  More about those books in the months to come.

Did you know I sold another mystery series?  DAISY SWANSON'S TEA GARDEN series will be released in 2017.  I know that's quite a wait.  But I think you'll enjoy the series.  It's set in nearby Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Usually this time of year, I show you what is blooming in our gardens.  But this year, I'm going to share with you what's growing in the house.  Kittens!!!  We took in a stray who was pregnant and she had three kittens.  We've named them and on their first visit to the vet, we'll find out if the names will stick and who is male and female, though we're pretty sure about two of them.  Here are Tiara, Mayzie, and Paddington!!!

They will be three weeks old this week.  Today was the first that they seemed to be playing with each other, tumbling and pawing.  They are so adorable and we are watching them grow before our eyes.  We are feeding Halo every two hours, a special diet that I cook each day, because she had some digestive issues from being malnourished and on her own for so long.  The kittens have doubled their weight so we know the nourishment is working.  These little cuties and their mom are time consuming but it has been a wonderful experience to nurture them.  I post a new picture every day on Facebook so my readers who interact on there can see how they are growing.  If you'd like to join in, just LIKE my KarenRoseSmithBooks Facebook page.


This month the contest prize is a butterfly kitchen mitt and pot holder.  That way all winter you can have them in your kitchen and experience a bit of summer.  Use the button on the right to enter the contest.  Please only one entry per email address.  They are sorted.  The contest ends September 30, 2014 at midnight EST.  Winner will be notified by October 15 and will have to email me his or her snail mail address.  If winner does not respond by midnight October 30, 2014, a new winner will be drawn.  THE CONTEST IS OPEN TO US/CANADA WINNERS ONLY.  

Good luck!  

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and for sharing the pictures of Halo and her babies! <3

    1. You're welcome! I can't stop taking phots! :)

  2. Thank you for sharing the pictures of Halo & her kittens. They are so cute and it is interesting watch them grow. Caprice had her dog & pups and Grandmom Smith has her cat & kittens.
    Hope to see them in one of your upcoming books.
    Thanks. Carol Smith penelope223@yahoo.com

    1. Halo, probably under another name, will appear in mystery #5! :)

  3. I must tell you how much I have enjoyed your gardens, your kittens and your book news all summer. Summer has gone way too fast this year, can't believe it is almost end of August. I still would love to review the latest book for you and help make it known around the stores when it comes out. Your mysteries and romance books both are my favorites.

  4. I really enjoy the daily pictures of the kittens. They are so cute! Thank you for sharing them with us!

    I was honored to have been chosen to receive a copy of your first Caprice book so I could leave a review. I fell in love with the series and I am anxiously awaiting book 3. If you need any reviewers, please keep me in mind! However, I will leave a review either way. The books are that good.

    Thank you, Karen, for many hours of reading entertainment! I love all of your books!

  5. I just love Halo and the babies, they remind me of Sabrina and her crew.

    Becky Prazak