Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 2013



A brand new year stretches before us.  I hope yours is successful and joy-filled.

Within January I'll have two new projects ready for readers.  I'm venturing into audiobooks.  In a few weeks TOYS AND BABY WISHES will be for sale as an audiobook on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.  It was such an exciting prospect to hear this book come alive.  I chose a male narrator--Johnny Peppers--who does a superb job with all my characters.  I have listened to hundreds of narration samples and, in the next few weeks, NATHAN'S VOW and ALWAYS HER COWBOY will also be in production.

I have put together boxed sets for my readers to make it easier for you to find my books.  My SEARCH FOR LOVE series is in two volumes (Search "Search for Love Boxed Set") on Amazon.  These are connected books with continuing characters.  I also have available two volumes of my FINDING MR. RIGHT series.  These are all stand-alone books with a common theme and a bit sexier than Search For Love. 

In the next few weeks I'll be editing my October Montana Mavericks release for Harlequin Special Edition.

With all the rest, I'm also trying to fit in time to work on Book seven of my SEARCH FOR LOVE series which will be a women's fiction novel.  In addition, I'm hoping January will see the e-publication of my nonfiction book for writers.

For my Nook readers...  ALWAYS DEVOTED, Book 3 SEARCH FOR LOVE, is only available at Barnes and Noble until January 14. 


Our Christmas wall tree added a festive decor out of reach of the kitties
The gardens are quiet except for the beautiful ring-necked pheasants roaming through them.  Once in a while, deer scamper through the backyard.  This month I'll be choosing heirloom tomato varieties to plant for the season, as well as picking out petunia, geranium and impatiens seeds.  Once holiday decorations are stowed away, I'll plug in the grow mats and start some of the flowers for the summer garden.

One of my presents this year was a bread maker.  So far I've made two-pound loaves of white bread and an apple-walnut bread (made with applesauce and apple juice) that's lighter than an oven-baked fruit bread.  It goes well with soup and was a hit over the holidays.

The kitties are still integrating.  Zoie and London chase each other and, once in a while, take naps in the same vicinity.  Zoie and Ebbie nuzzle each other now and then, but Zoie still chases Ebbie, so Ebbie finds safe places where she can sit and nap without Zoie bothering her.  More about our cat family in my blogs. Cats, Roses...and Books!  

They all had fun with Christmas wrappings.   

Ebbie enjoying a peaceful moment with the crinkle of the wrappings

London investigating all the commotion

Zoie right in the middle of it all!


Since my readers know I love cats and other furry creatures, many of the contest prizes this year will follow that theme.  I'm beginning with a purr-fect one--a Snowbaby with a kitty on her shoulder and books in her lap.  It's called "So many Books, So Little Time."  With it, I'll be giving away a copy of RILEY'S BABY BOY (Reunion Brides, Book 4).  Use the button on the right to enter the contest.  Please only one entry per email address.  They are sorted.  The contest ends Januuary 31at midnight EST.  Winner will be notified by February 15 and will have to email me his or her snail mail address.  If winner does not respond by midnight February 28, a new winner will be drawn.  THE CONTEST IS OPEN TO US/CANADA WINNERS ONLY.  

Good luck and have a wonderful new year.

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