Saturday, August 4, 2012

August 2012


I hope you're having a great summer.  As a treat for my readers, WHEN MOM MEETS DAD will be free on Amazon Kindle from August 11 to August 15.  This modern twist on a parent-trap romance is perfect for summer.  It's a sexy romantic comedy.  It was originally as MOM MEETS DAD.  I hope it makes your summer reading more fun. Available at AMAZON

THE CEO'S UNEXPECTED PROPOSAL (Reunion Brides, Book 3) has gathered great reviews.  I've been blogging about the power of music that is evident in this book.

New on the shelves is RILEY'S BABY BOY (Reunion Brides, Book 4).  It is available in print and e-book.  This former Marine finds his high sweetheart and his baby boy on his doorstep.  A night of passion after his and Brenna's fifteen-year high school reunion gave him a son!  But they live a country apart and have feuding families to boot.  I hope you enjoy this fast-paced read about love, romance and family.

I've just completed the rough draft of the first book in my MOMMY CLUB series for Harlequin Special Edition and will be editing it during the next couple of weeks.  I really love the setting on the vineyard and I hope my readers do, too.


The kitten we rescued is growing healthier, happier and friskier each day.  She is four pounds now and much of the time is a black streak through the house.  We're integrating her with Ebbie and London.  It's a slow process, but we're making progress. Ebbie and London are getting used to the idea of a baby sister!

Our gardens are popping with color from zinnias.

The planters are overflowing with coleus and petunias.

Our tomatoes are getting riper.  I chose many pink varieties this year along with orange, white and yellow.  We had a Marianna's Peace weigh in at over a pound!  We made our first batch of stewed tomatoes and hope to cook many more to freeze for the winter.  Anna Russian are heart-shaped tomatoes and are growing much larger this year than they did last year.  Chianti Rose has produced a beautiful large beefsteak.  Zucchini and cucumbers are still producing.  I love the fresh produce in summer.  It makes healthy eating easier.



For the contest this month, I'm offering the prize of a Starbucks gift card and a copy of HIS DAUGHTER...THEIR CHILD (Reunion Brides, Book 1).  Use the button on the right to enter the contest.  Please only one entry per email address.  They are sorted.  The contest ends August 31 at midnight EST.  Winner will be notified by September 15 and will have to email me his or her snail mail address.  If winner does not verify by midnight September 30, a new winner will be drawn.  THE CONTEST IS OPEN TO US/CANADA WINNERS ONLY.  

Good luck and have a great end of summer.

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  1. thanks for sharing pictures. My library readers are loving your books you shared for my library. I know two who are trying to get all of your books for their home collections. I am glad I was able to share your books. Have a nice day. sue