Thursday, May 31, 2012

June 2012


Hi, everyone. Happy beginning of summer. In honor of June which is the month of brides, JAKE'S BRIDE will be free on Amazon from June 9-13. A contemporary marriage of convenience romance, this novel is both sweet and sexy. From a secret baby to a wedding to forgiveness, I hope readers will enjoy Jake and Sara's love story.

Also this month watch for the print copies of THE CEO'S UNEXPECTED PROPOSAL. Print books will be available on June 19 and ebook sales will begin on July 1. More about this third book in my REUNION BRIDES series for Harlequin Special Edition next month when my heroine, a music therapist helps the hero's son recover from trauma. It's an emotional story and one I hope will touch you deeply.

I'm working on my editing of KNIFE-EDGED, the first Caprice De Luca home stager mystery. My research has taken me from the occupation of home staging to conversations with members of law enforcement. Writing this book has been exciting and my mystery website will be live soon.

My new project is a series for Harlequin Special Edition, THE MOMMY CLUB.  What is The Mommy Club?  It's an organization where moms help parents in need.  I'm immersed in writing the first book of the series that is set on a vineyard in California.  More about the series and these books in the upcoming months.


This is gardening and planting time around our house.  The picture above was taken on our patio where I like to work in the beautiful weather we've been having. Editing just seems easier there! The scent of roses permeates the patio and it's lovely to either work or relax there.

I raised about 150 heirloom tomato plants from seed.  I tried different varieties this year from Marianna's Peace, Big Orange, Great White, Anna Russian to Ghost Cherry, Brad's Black Heart and Chianti Rose. We had plenty to give to friends and family at our Memorial Day picnic.

Any of you who follow me on Facebook or Twitter know how I love roses.  I save their petals to make into sachets for Christmas presents. I bring them inside in vases and their scent is usually wafted about in more than one room. The top pic is Queen Elizabeth and the bottom one is Blue Girl. New additions to my garden this year are Paul McCartney and Music Box. I hope to have pics of those in months to come. They are still babies but I hope will bloom soon.

London and Ebbie are helping me write!  Since my sleuth in my mystery takes in stray animals, cats and dogs have a front and center place.  Mine are busy watching butterflies and birds at this time of year. Yet still taking those cat naps.


Prize: An artisan crafted sun catcher from Sedona. My July release THE CEO'S UNEXPECTED PROPOSAL takes place in beautiful northern Arizona.

Signed, advance copy of THE CEO'S UNEXPECTED PROPOSAL

Use the button on the right to enter the contest.  Please only one entry per e-mail address.  They are sorted.  Contest ends on June 30 at midnight EST.  Winner will be notified by July 15th and will have to e-mail me his/her snail mail address.  If winner does not verify by midnight July 31, a new winner will be drawn.  THIS CONTEST IS OPEN TO US/CANADA WINNERS ONLY.

Good luck. 
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  1. Hi Karen! I am a HUGE fan of roses too. My favorite is any shade of purple- light or dark. I have lots of red and pink, they seem to grow like weeds ;-) Great picture.

  2. I love to look at roses, but not too fond of the scent, personal reasons. I must admit though, seeing these, in bloom, makes me want to plant some! Also, I am so taken by your fur babies! I had two, exactly like these two, same coloring, everything...named Slinky (black one) and Baby (grey). When I got a promotion I had to move to another state, and sadly, I had to give my kitties away to another family-that very much loved them. I have never been able to find another set like it again.

  3. Christine--my Bluegirl rose is more lavender than blue. But such a pretty bloom.

  4. Mon_Cherie--London and Ebbie really are my constant companions. Each has a unique personality. Do you have any cats now?

  5. Karen I can't wait to read all these great books.. I love your Roses.. they are some of my fav colours. Especially that Lavender one. I have just did my bedroom in Lavenders and Lilac colours. I would love a bouget of these in my room.. I will have to see if my landlady, who is the gardner can see if we can plant some.

  6. Kathleen--I just happened to see that blue one in a catalog. It was only a dry root when it came but it's become a beautiful bush. I think it's almost over the first blooming. I like it's lovely scent, too.