Tuesday, January 31, 2012


     Happy almost Valentine's Day! 
     After Christmas, Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. It's not just a day to celebrate romantic relationships but a day to cherish friendships and family, too.  It comes at that time of year when the outside might be snowy or dreary but our hearts can still be warm and full of love.
      New this month is a different look for my romance RIBBONS AND RAINBOWS.  This book can be very sexy at times and I just didn't feel the first cover portrayed the relationship between my hero and heroine. Zack and Skye are opposites. She is a free spirit who tries to go with the flow while Zack is a type A personality all the way. Can Skye teach him how to relax and learn the true meaning of love? A sexy single dad with a son who has to come first, betrayed by his ex-wife, it takes Zack a while to accept cupid's arrow in his heart.

     RIBBONS AND RAINBOWS is exclusive to Amazon Kindle. But remember, you can download the Kindle app onto your computer and some devices so you can download and read what Amazon has to offer.


     The line edit is finished for my July 2012 REUNION BRIDES release, THE CEO'S UNEXPECTED PROPOSAL. Mikala is a music therapist who takes on the challenge of helping Dawson's son recover from trauma.  Old sparks reignite as memories from high school form a bond and a basis for a new romance.  This week I'll be checking through the line edit on RILEY'S BABY BOY.  In Riley and Brenna's romance (August 2012), feuding families have a chance for peace. This is Book 4 of my REUNION BRIDES series. A former marine, Riley O'Rourke is astonished when high school sweetheart Brenna McDougall turns up on his doorstep with his infant son. Oh, yes, more than talk happened the night of their fifteen year high school reunion!

     Another way to keep up with what I'm doing day to day is chatting with me on Twitter or Facebook. If you "like" my Facebook page, you can post on the wall. I'm new this month to Triberr, a way to spread the readership on my blog.  peaking of my blog, I'm thinking about adding a weekly blog on gardening. I'll be starting petunia plants soon and will post photos along the way. That leads me to...


Yep, winter has settled in. We're having a mild one compared to past years but this is February so anything can happen. We try to keep feeders filled for the birds. This year I have a heated bird bath for them that was a Christmas present. But I haven't seen too many bathing!

Ebbie and London are getting into trouble on a daily basis because they're bored when there aren't birds to watch on the deck. They've been chasing each other as well as rainbows when the sun shines through the suncatcher prisms. Ebbie usually "helps" me write while London naps in the sun.

As I mentioned above, I'm thinking about blogging once a week about gardening and photographing the process. A friend gave me a Gerbera  Daisy last summer. We let it go to sleep for the winter. At least that's what we thought. But I have a grow light shining on my inside herb bin. My husband put the daisy there to wait for spring. But...  It's blooming! 


To celebrate Valentine's Day, since I really like kitties and hearts, I'm giving away a Lenox statue IT'S RAINING KITTY KISSES along with a print copy of my REUNION BRIDES release ONCE UPON A GROOM.  Use the button on the right to enter. Please only one entry per email address.  They are sorted. Contest ends on February 29 at midnight EST. Winner will be notified by March 15 EST and will have to email me his/her snail mail address. If winner does not verify by midnight March 31, a new winner will be drawn.  THIS CONTEST IS OPEN TO US/CANADA WINNERS ONLY.

Good luck.  Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!
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  1. I love the reunions in books it's so romantic! I am looking forward to reading this one thanks

  2. Besides your books, I love your pics too!!

  3. Thanks for a great contest... cats -- the ultimate!!

  4. The figurine is two cats together. I'm a cat person. Thanks for the contest.

  5. Penney--I loved reunions too. This series was based on my last reunion and two classmates getting married after it!

  6. Catslady--The photos have become a hobby. I found Pinterest and have been uploading some there, too.

  7. Kai--I love cat people! And dog people...and horse people...:) But my kitties own my heart.

  8. Girlygirl--My two cats are my constant companions. There will be more pics in the coming months. And more cat prizes if I know my readers like them!