Saturday, October 29, 2011

I have to admit I love the holidays. There are so many memories attached to them that come with accompanying scents, colors and sounds. Those are great tools for a writer and those memories are one reason I often set books around the holidays. This month I've epubbed HEARTFIRE for your reading pleasure. This novel was my first Silhouette Romance published under Kari Sutherland. I've revised and updated it so it's now part of my Search For Love series. Readers can catch up with Linc and Emma from ALWAYS DEVOTED in HEARTFIRE, a reunion/family story. Tessa, the journalist from ALWAYS DEVOTED, returns to Connecticut for her godson's birthday and stays to help him with the problems he seems to be having. She'd once dated his dad, Max, who after their break-up had married her best friend. She doesn't count on falling in love with Max all over again! The book takes place in fall in New England, including a Halloween party for Tessa's godson and ending on Thanksgiving. I hope your best memories of the holidays return when you read it. BUY AMAZON $.99 kindle bargain

I'm editing WEDDING BELLS AND BABY BOOTIES (working title), for Harlequin Special Edition. This couple, Riley and Brenna, find the sizzle between them difficult to manage when they are under the same roof for the sake of their baby. This secret baby/reunion romance is such fun to write. I hope you enjoy it when it's released in 2012.

Mikala and Dawson's romance is still in editing. I hope to have a title and a date for their novel soon. In the meantime, I'm working on Cassidy Sullivan's novella. Cassidy is Lucy McIntyre's twin sister. In ALWAYS HER COWBOY, Lucy finds Cassidy and they embrace each other as sisters. Cassidy will find her own true love in BEN'S COWGIRL.

I have lots more planned for the coming months.


I can't believe it but we're getting our first snowfall today and it's not even the beginning of November!!! I've never experienced one this early before. To prepare for the colder weather, I've brought my herb bin inside. The gardens have their own fall beauty with foliage changing color. My zinnias are still going strong, though I don't know what will happen with the snow. My roses like the cooler weather and I've been bringing in rosebuds that open beautifully inside. Their scent permeates the house.  I've started to assemble sachets with the summer rose petals for Christmas presents. That provides a nice break when I need to leave the computer behind for a while.Our kale looks like a bush, so pretty as a decorative plant in the garden as well as to eat. And our weeping cherry tree, whether in spring, summer, fall, or winter provides beauty in the yard.

My cats, Ebbie and London, are thrilled with the fall position of the sun. It shines in most of the morning, lighting up the sun catchers. When I set them to swinging, Ebbie and London chase the rainbows. They get exercise and I see that we all need to chase some rainbows in our lives to find happiness. They often join me on my desk, and as you can see, Ebbie was "helping" while London took a bath and nap in elsewhere.


My Special this month is a contest for a print copy of HIS DAUGHTER...THEIR CHILD and a Lee Sands' natural stone bracelet. Jewelry often plays a part in my romances so I like to give it away as a prize.  I thought this bracelet would be a great fall present for a lucky reader.  Use the button on the right to enter. Please one entry per email address. Contest ends on November 30 at midnight EST. Winner will be notified by December 15 EST and will have to email me his/her snail-mail address. If winner does not verify by midnight December 31, a new winner will be drawn.  This contest is open to U.S. winners only.  Good luck.  Enjoy your fall.
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