Thursday, April 28, 2011

May 2011

What's New?
The month of May brings back memories of my mom. With each year that passes, I appreciate every memory that is nostalgic and makes me smile. While I'm working on my present manuscript—A DANCE WITH HER PRINCE CHARMING—I think about how much my mom enjoyed dancing with my father to big band music. I remember always being surprised when at wedding receptions, they danced as if they'd been doing it for years. And they had! There was a club my father was part of that had dinner and dancing on Saturday nights. We celebrated birthdays and anniversaries there, relatives coming into town to visit, graduations and engagements. It was a special place for celebration. Dancing and music were part of the experience. There is something romantically innate in dancing that melds a couple together.

A DANCE WITH HER PRINCE CHARMING is Book 3 in my Reunion Brides series. This is my working title, the publication title isn't set yet. This title fits because Mikala first really fell hard for Dawson the night of their senior prom. They weren't dating then. Another boy had asked Mikala to the prom. But she and Dawson had been friends. That night Dawson danced with her as well as rescued her from a bad situation with her date.  Real feeling between them ignited. But after that night, Mikala didn't see Dawson for fifteen years! The night of their fifteenth year high school reunion, he approached her again to ask her to dance and their romance truly begins.
Music plays a big part in this novel. Mikala is a music therapist and Dawson has brought his son Luke to her to help him recover from the trauma of losing his mom. I believe music is healing and I'm working with that concept in this manuscript. I can't wait until it is finished and readers can experience Mikala and Dawson's romance.

Around The House!
There are tomato plants everywhere! I raised them from seed again this year. Last season I raised the usual Big Boys and Italian Plums. But for this summer, I decided to look into Heirloom tomatoes since their flavor is supposed to be richer and heartier. A few I planted are Marianna's Peace, Sun Sugar, Amish Paste, Purple Calabash, Fireworks and Carmello. Those I ordered from Tomato Fest, an organic farm in California. Marianna is the strongest so far. Some are already 5-6 inches tall. Others are still babies. My bff's daughter helped me water and tend to them one day and she made the remark—"You treat them like kids!" Yes, I do, and I think that's why they're growing so well for me this year.

Special For The Month...

This month's special is a sale price of $.99 for my E-book MOM MEETS DAD, a parent trap romance. Two little girls decide their single mom and dad need to fall in love! You can find the sale price on Amazon Kindle MOM MEETS DAD and at Smashwords MOM MEETS DAD. Enjoy!

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